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Vacations run much smoother when you haven’t forgotten to pack some of your kids’ gear.  Here is a customizable, free packing checklist for kids and parents to use so that nothing is left behind when you go on vacation.  It includes often forgotten items like a thermometer and Children’s Tylenol (which can potentially save you a trip to Urgent Care).  I also added sections for summer items and winter items.  The packing checklist is a Microsoft Words document, so you can edit it pretty easily, but I included instructions nonetheless in case you’re not familiar with that program.  The key to success when using a checklist is to actually check off each item when, and only when, it has been placed in the suitcase.  So print off one checklist for each child, and let them start packing!

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You might also want to check out Part I of this travel packing list series: a general packing list for travel, and Part II: a packing checklist for health and beauty items.  Stay tuned for Part IV, where I’ll cover road trip checklists.

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