May 162012

Using “packing checklists” to prepare for travel is a great way to prevent unnecessary purchases while on vacation.  I’ve had to buy everything from disposable razors to socks to tennis shoes because of packing amnesiaAnd it never feels good to spend your traveling “fun money” on things you already own at home.  But travel checklists are a great way to make sure nothing is forgotten- each item is checked off as it is packed. Packing checklists are especially helpful for family travel- each family member gets their own checklist printed out for them to use.  Parents can then see which items still need to be packed for each kid.

Since we’re nearing the start of travel season here in the U.S.  it seemed like a great time to do a four-part series on travel checklists, with free downloadable forms included.  Part I is the general packing checklist for adults- basically, everything except toiletries (beauty and hygiene products), which have their own checklist in Part II.  The kids’ checklist is in Part III.  And Part IV is a road trip checklist.

So, back to Part I: The General Packing Checklist.  It includes your important documents (passport, cash, etc), your electronics (laptop, camera, mobile phone, iPod…), your clothes, your jewelry, and your entertainment (books, diary, etc).  I created a customizable packing checklist that includes each item within those categories, with check boxes next to them.  When you look at the checklist you might think, “Isn’t it excessive to list “cell phone” and “cell phone charger” and “headset” separately, each with their own check box?”  My answer is, “No.”  If you just list “Cell phone, etc” with one check box, I can pretty much guaranty you that someone using the list will forget one of the accessory items.  Maybe the only “someone” to do that would be me.  But, maybe not. :)

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