Sep 102014
Cash-Only Challenge Part VI: The Wrap-Up

This is the last post in a series called the Cash-Only Challenge, in which I document my husband and I reluctantly giving up credit cards and using actual, physical cash for all of our purchases (imagine that!).  We wrapped up the challenge a while ago, but I’m just now reporting back to you on how it all turned out. You may wish […]

Jul 252014
Good Reads: Work at Home Jobs, Packing Like a Minimalist…

If you’re interested in working from home, Kiplinger put together a list of “10 Great Work-at-Home Jobs” that is worth a look.  They list potential employers for each job and vetted them to make sure none of them were scams. Traveling this summer?  Needing some inspiration on how to pack light?  Check out this short […]

Jul 232014
That Extra 30 Cents…

One of the biggest criticisms of a frugal lifestyle is that it involves too much time “pinching pennies”- that any savings gained by frugal choices are insignificant, and in any event are nullified by the amount of time expended to obtain the savings.  I take exception to this criticism on two grounds: The savings gained […]

Jul 112014
Good Reads- Ways to Save Gas Money, and more

Kiplinger (a personal finance magazine) recently posted 5 ways to save on gas money- one of them was a surprise to me: that there are certain times of day when gas is cheaper. Speaking of saving money, if you’re having a hard time talking to your spouse about money issues, check out The Simple Dollar’s […]

Jun 232014
Does Time Equal Money?

There’s a controversial article in The Simple Dollar in which the author described watching a woman at Target argue with the checkout person about the fact that she was being overcharged $10 for a pair of stools. After 20 minutes, the manager came over and the price was lowered by $10, as the woman had […]

Apr 272014

Although I’ve posted here and there, I’ve essentially taken about 18 months off from writing this blog in order to focus on my family.  During those 18 months I had a really difficult pregnancy that resulted in a wonderful younger sister for our equally wonderful older daughter.  Now “the baby” is almost a year old, and I’m […]