Aug 222012
Travel Tip That Saves $10 A Day

My daughter and I just returned from visiting my wonderful grandmother and her side of the family on the East Coast, and we tried out a new money-saving travel strategy: we packed our breakfasts so that we never had to eat out in the morning.  It was an 8-day trip, and here’s what we packed […]

Jul 062012
Travel Checklists Part IV: Road Trip Packing Checklist

A road trip packing checklist ensures that you’ll be well prepared for your next road trip.  I’ve created a free, downloadable checklist in Microsoft Word that is customizable so that you can modify it to fit your needs.  This checklist focuses exclusively on the items that are specific to a road trip- for packing checklists […]

Jun 052012
Travel Checklists Part III: Kids

Vacations run much smoother when you haven’t forgotten to pack some of your kids’ gear.  Here is a customizable, free packing checklist for kids and parents to use so that nothing is left behind when you go on vacation.  It includes often forgotten items like a thermometer and Children’s Tylenol (which can potentially save you […]

May 222012
Travel Checklists Part II: Toiletries

In Part I of this travel packing list series, I gave you a general packing list for travel so that you’d remember to pack your clothes, shoes, etc.  Here in Part II I’m providing a free downloadable “Toiletry Checklist,” which is a customizable packing checklist for all of your beauty and hygiene items (razor, tweezers, […]

May 162012
Travel Checklists Part I

Using “packing checklists” to prepare for travel is a great way to prevent unnecessary purchases while on vacation.  I’ve had to buy everything from disposable razors to socks to tennis shoes because of packing amnesia.  And it never feels good to spend your traveling “fun money” on things you already own at home.  But travel […]

Apr 242012
Free Lonely Planet Travel eBook

Lonely Planet’s 5 of the USA’s Best Trips is free right now on Amazon.  I haven’t read this book yet but I do like Lonely Planet’s books in general, as they give very specific advice about where to find the best lodging, food, and fun at every price level.  It’s an Amazon Kindle ebook, but […]