Sep 222014
Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- September Week 4

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- September Week 4 Dinners Monday- Lamb Tagine (from Well Fed 2) with roasted Kabocha squash Tuesday- Chicken Soup (I’ll use this recipe from ThePioneerWoman, but I’ll use homemade chicken stock and add parsely) Wednesday- Carnitas based on this recipe from SmittenKitchen Thursday- We’re going to tackle the “beef velvet steak” that arrived in our meat CSA box […]

Aug 032014
Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- August Week 1

Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- August Week 1 Dinners Monday- Melissa Joulwan’s Chicken Pesto Meatballs with Marinara, over Spaghetti Squash Noodles (from Well Fed 2) Tuesday- Tom Kha Gai (aka Thai Chicken Coconut Soup) from Bon Appetit Wednesday- Simply Recipe’s Ling Cod with Tomatoes and Orange Thursday- The Paleo Mama’s Ground Beef Stroganoff Friday- Entree Chicken Salad, which is basically a […]

Jul 132014
Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- July Week 3

I don’t post weekly meal plans because I think that our meals are particularly impressive (they aren’t, hate to admit it), or creative (not really, eek).  For me, it’s a matter of giving an example of how a fairly ordinary (now Paleo) family plans out their week of meals.  I’ve always been a big proponent […]

Jul 062014
Paleo Weekly Meal Plan- July Week 2

I hope I’m not freaking out those of you who aren’t on a Paleo-style eating plan- I’m not trying to convert anyone to eating like us, I’m just sharing what we do in the event that there are good tips you can take away from it, regardless of diet.  The mechanics of meal planning are […]

May 272014
Five Best Food Apps for iPhones and Android

These are the five best food apps that I’ve found for saving money and staying organized when I’m buying and preparing food.  All five are available for iPhones and Androids, and four of them are free. Grocery IQ First and foremost is Grocery IQ, a free app that enables you to carry your grocery list with […]

Oct 072012
Weekly Meal Planning Tip: It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

Good Enough Can Be Good Enough [NOTE: We eat a Paleo diet now, so some of the food references in this post are outdated, but I’m keeping it here for anyone that does eat a more conventional diet.] Menu planning, by it’s very nature, formalizes the meal planning process.  Rather than meals being thrown together last […]