Oct 022012

You’ve probably noticed I like to post about free Kindle books I’ve found.  I don’t own a Kindle myself, but I read them on my PC laptop and, more commonly, my iphone.  I’ve encountered some great books this way, so I can’t help but share this great resource with you.  When I post these free Kindle books I usually haven’t read them yet, so I can’t be certain they’re any good, but I do skim the reviews before posting to avoid offering you an obvious dud. But if you do end up disliking a book that you’ve downloaded, at least you can delete it easily and be satisfied that you didn’t have to pay for it!

The hard part about the free Kindle book promotions is that you never know when they will end for a particular book, so I recommend downloading the book right away if you’re interested in it.  Here are three that are free right now [Sorry, not longer free] (make sure to check that the price is still $0.00 before clicking, “Buy”!):

How To Relax – Mind Body & Soul – Best tips that will help you to manage your daily stress by Angela Park [This free offer has EXPIRED]


Paleo Diet: Getting Started in Paleo Nutrition and Paleo on a Budget by Sandra Wright.  [This free offer has EXPIRED]  I think the Paleo diet involves eating meat, fish and vegetables, and avoiding grain and dairy (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!). I don’t know whether it’s a sound eating plan for short and long term health, but since I’ve heard so many people mention it lately, I figured some of you might be interested in reading a book about it. What caught my eye about this particular book is that it has a section on how to eat Paleo “on a budget”- good information to have, since meat and fish can really run up your grocery bill.


[This free offer has EXPIRED] Business Around A Lifestyle- Volume 1 (How To Dream Your Perfect Lifestyle, Then Go Get It!) by Jim Kukral is getting great reviews on Amazon. It appears to be more of an inspirational/pep talk book than a nuts and bolts “here are the steps to take” book. I find these types of books can be helpful to read if you’re in a bit of a motivational slump and need something to kick-start your ambitions.

Let me know what you thought of these books!


Sep 212012

I’m always looking for inspiration as I walk that fine line between balancing our budget and keeping our lives fun and interesting.  The internet is a treasure trove of frugal living tips, and I’ve rounded up five good frugal living articles that I came across this week.  Remember, living frugally isn’t about saving money for the sake of saving money, it’s about saving money so that you can spend it on what really matters to you.

This round-up of “good reads” is a weekly feature of other people’s ideas, but don’t forget you can also check out all of my articles on managing your money, setting goals, menu planning, organizing, and lots of other stuff! :)