Jan 132013

2013 Calendar by MeinLilaParkThere are lots of great free printable 2013 calendars available right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of electronic calendars, like the Google Calendar that I use for my weekly and monthly calendars, but there’s no question that actual, paper calendars are really handy as well. Every year I print out a 1-page yearly calendar to put near my desk, as well as a 12-page monthly calendar for my daughter to use.

MeinLilaPark has compiled a list of over 50 free printable calendars, including 12 month calendars, 1-page yearly calendars, mini calendars, and more.  Here are some of the best free printable 2013 calendars out there (and check out MeinLilaPark for more):

12 Month 2013 Calendars (12 pages)

If you’re a fan of cutesy teddy bears, GraphicGarden offers this one:

If you’re more into country charm, GraphicGarden‘s got you covered:

If you’re looking for something simple, try this one from Botanical Paperworks:

And here’s a cute calendar for kids from HelloCuteness:

2013 Yearly Calendars

Here’s a vintage illustration on a simple yearly calendar from CallMeVictorian:

Here’s a more whimsical one from MeinLilaPark:

Or, you can keep it simple with this one from BelievingBoldly:

2013 Mini Monthly Calendars

The illustrations on this mini calendar from Creative Mama are too cute:

Or if you’re into something more edgy, try this one from Smam (the download buttons are the “1,2,3″ links at the bottom of the text):

Oct 122012

[Expired] Cardstore is offering up yet another free greeting card!  The promo code is CCM2336.  If you have the card shipped to yourself then shipping is free, too.  Cardstore has adorable personalized photo cards like the one above, but if you’re like me and too lazy to actually sift through your photos and find one to use, then you can pick from their large selection of standard greeting cards that do not require a photo.  If I don’t have a particular occasion coming up that I need a card for then I just order a standard birthday card and save it for when the need arises.

Tip: You do not need enter any credit card information- just enter the promo code when asked and you’ll be good to go.

I found this offer on Freebie Shark, a reputable freebie listing site.

Oct 052012

[Expired] Nivea is giving away free samples of its Touch of Smoothness Body Wash.  Click here to request the sample.  You do not need to fill out the survey that pops up after you submit your request.  These sample offers usually expire quickly, so act quickly if you’re interested!

Daily Citron Time Test: It took me 34 seconds to fill out the short form.

I found this offer on Freebie Shark, a reputable freebie listing site.

Oct 012012

[Expired] Wow, here’s a nice freebie- get a free 10 ml hand cream from L’Occitane by clicking here and “Liking” their Facebook page.  Fill out the short form and you’re done! They’ll mail you the voucher for the hand cream in a few weeks.

Daily Citron Time Test: It only took me 43 seconds to Like their Facebook page and fill out the form, so this freebie is well worth it.

I found this offer on Freebie Shark, a reputable freebie listing site.

Sep 292012

Craftsy is currently offering a free online knitting class focused on “short rows” (whatever those are!).  Knitting has always intrigued me, especially since my Aunt Mary is a knitter extraordinaire (you can check out her blog here).  But, I have enough other things going on right now that I’m not going to take on knitting yet.  For those of you who ARE currently into knitting, Craftsy’s class is a great opportunity to get free tips.