May 122009

As I mentioned in my post on Magazine Clutter, magazines have have an impressive ability to spread out across a house, like a plague of grasshoppers . Initially, the stockpile of unread or barely-read magazines lounged around our living room, and then we banished them to the garage. I was unwilling to recycle them, thinking that at some point in time I would be able to read them and actually recoup some of my money’s worth from them. I finally decided that time was now, and created the Read 3 & Toss Plan. It’s working for us, so I thought I’d make it an Organizing Challenge for you.

Challenge: Organize Your Magazines!

In order to be successful, this is a two-pronged challenge:

  1. Implement a system for new magazines that arrive
  2. Implement a system for getting rid of old magazines

New Magazines: There are many systems that could work here, and I like the one sent it by a reader:

“Each reader in our family has a shelf on this nifty little end table we got for their magazines (we also have one for museum and parks class flyers). When the new magazine comes, the old one gets tossed or filed, depending on it’s long term value.”
-Heddi, owner of The Educational Resource Center of Santa Cruz

Old Magazines: Here’s what’s worked for us:

  • Designate a confined area (i.e., a tray, a space on a shelf, etc.) for old magazines that need to be read.
  • Place 5 old magazines at a time in the tray (the rest of the old magazines stay in the garage until it’s their turn).
  • Every month, read at least 3 articles from each of the magazines in the tray, then toss the magazines into your recycle bin.

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  3 Responses to “Organizing Challenge: Magazine Clutter”

  1. Instead of recycling the magazines- donate them to your local hospital for guests to read or child care center for art projects.

  2. I like that idea! That way other people get value from them, and they’ll end up being recycled eventually anyway. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. We donate to the library. They put them in their files and everyone gets to read them :)

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