Apr 132011

The Problem: When clearing out my bathroom cabinets of the clutter that had been hibernating there since we moved into our house in 2003, I discovered that we had an overabundance of hair conditioner.  This doesn’t surprise me, as conditioner is usually sold in the same-sized bottle as shampoo, even though you only use 1/4 of the amount per use.  Since many of us compulsively buy a new conditioner to match the new shampoo we buy, the end result is many half-used bottles of conditioner sitting forlornly in our shower stalls or bathroom cabinets.
The Solution:  There are three main ways to deal with this overabundance of unwanted conditioner: throw them out (too wasteful!), use them for my hair (takes too long to do that with all of them- it’ll be 5 years before I make it through the stash!) or find another use for them.  And the use I found was… as a shaving cream!  It works much better than lathered soap, and saves money that would have been spent on shaving cream.

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