Feb 092011

garbage can

I published this post originally in 2011, but I’m re-posting it as a reminder because reducing the size of your garbage can is such a painless way to save money each month.

Opting For A Smaller Garbage Can Could Save You $40/Month

A couple years ago our city introduced three sizes of garbage cans with correspondingly reduced prices.  The first is the standard size that you’re probably used to: 68 gallons.  When we were using disposable diapers for our daughter, we needed this full-sized can, so we had to pay full price on our garbage bill ($55.84/month).  But once she was potty trained, we noticed we were only filling the can 1/2 way each week.  So, we opted for the next size down: a 32 gallon can, at $26.05/month.  That’s almost $30/month in savings!  It didn’t take long before we realized we weren’t even filling the 32 gallon can all the way, so we opted for the smallest size: a 20 gallon can at $16.16/month.  That’s an additional $10/month in savings, meaning that we are saving $40/month on our garbage bill compared to using a standard sized can.  According to the EPA, many cities and counties are implenting these types of programs- check with your local garbage company to find out if they have a similar program available.

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