Aug 302014
Save Money With Cloth Diapers

When I was pregnant with my second child I became interested in cloth diapering, both for its environmental and money-saving benefits.  I ran the numbers on the cost of diapers, to see if the money saved would be worth the extra time spent in washing them.  I was shocked at how much cheaper it is […]

May 202014
Save Money On Organic Groceries Part II: Amazon Subscribe and Save

Save up to 50% off of snacks, canned seafood, oil, vinegar… I’ve already talked about saving 10-60% off of grocery store prices of organic fruits and vegetables; now let’s talk about saving up to 50% off of organic “dry goods”- that is, non-perishable items like oil, vinegar, canned seafood, packaged snacks, etc.  It’s no surprise from […]

Sep 202013
Daily Routines for Kids

Routines are a life raft for me in the chaotic world of parenting.  I’ve created a routine checklist for my daughter’s before school, after school and after dinner tasks, and the link for it is at the bottom of this post if you’d like to download it and customize it. Before using a checklist, I […]

Mar 142013
Cloth Diapering 101: Types of Cloth Diapers

There’s a renaissance in cloth diapering going on right now.  Cloth diapering has always been the most frugal and environmentally-conscious choice for parents, but cloth diapers have also been 1) less convenient to use than their disposable counterparts and 2) yucky to clean, which is why they had been rapidly declining in popularity for the […]

Sep 202012
Free Baby Sling

Seven Slings is giving away free baby slings (regularly priced $40) while supplies last.  You just pay shipping.  Their slings are the simple over-one-shoulder type, which I liked using when my daughter was 0-4 months old.  Some people like using them all the way up to toddler age, but I preferred other carriers when my […]

Sep 072012
Free Printable Thank You Notes for Kids

Next time you need thank you cards for your kid’s birthday, check out these adorable free printable thank you notes.  Many of these would match perfectly with a birthday theme, whether it be pirates, princesses, Disney characters, or jungle animals. Speaking of jungle animals, LelloandMonkey created this cute safari theme thank you note template: For […]