Jul 112014
Good Reads- Ways to Save Gas Money, and more

Kiplinger (a personal finance magazine) recently posted 5 ways to save on gas money- one of them was a surprise to me: that there are certain times of day when gas is cheaper. Speaking of saving money, if you’re having a hard time talking to your spouse about money issues, check out The Simple Dollar’s [...]

Nov 252012
Secret Santa Gift Circle for the Holidays

A Secret Santa gift circle is a great way to stay in-budget for the holidays. For anyone who’s not familiar, a gift circle (often called a Secret Santa) is where everyone involved writes their names on slips of paper, and then each person draws a name randomly and buys a present only for that person.  [...]

Sep 212012
Frugal Living Tips: Good Reads from Around the Web

I’m always looking for inspiration as I walk that fine line between balancing our budget and keeping our lives fun and interesting.  The internet is a treasure trove of frugal living tips, and I’ve rounded up five good frugal living articles that I came across this week.  Remember, living frugally isn’t about saving money for [...]

Sep 142012
The Power of a Ritual Treat

Much has changed in my life in recent years, as I’ve morphed from law-firm-lawyer to work-at-home-mom to stay-at-home-mom to aspiring writer, but some things have stayed the same, and one thing in particular has been a source of comfort to me as I navigated each of those very different situations: in the early afternoon I [...]

May 072012

By Anne, from ModernMrsDarcy: A few months ago I got sick, and I stopped working out… When I stopped working out, I stopped paying attention to what I ate. And I started staying up late, eating junk and not checking my tickler file.  When I lost my self-discipline in one area of my life, it [...]

Apr 102012
5 Steps to Overcoming Mistakes

As we work towards our goals, we are bound to make mistakes that set us back. Learning how to move past those mistakes and continue working towards are goals is what really matters, which is why I’ve compiled this list of 5 Steps to Overcoming Your Mistakes.  It’s easier said than done, though- I often [...]