About Me


I started The Daily Citron in 2009, when I was determined to learn more about how to manage my money so that I could spend it on what I wanted to spend it on instead of watching it be frittered away on debt payments.

As we made changes in our family’s lifestyle, habits, and attitudes towards money I documented those changes on this website in the hope that I could provide some inspiration to others in similar situations. I think of The Daily Citron as the website I would have liked to read back when I had no idea how to save money, how to reach my financial goals, and how to live happily without spending a bunch of money to do so.

My husband and five-year-old daughter have tolerated my new-found enthusiasm for saving money amazingly well, and have been willing to indulge me in various frugal experiments time and time again.

I hope you find lots of helpful tips here to help you save your money and manage it well so that you can spend it happily without regrets. Sign up for The Daily Citron Weekly Newsletter so that you don’t miss any new tips, free samples, fun recipes, and popular posts.

+Viva Harris